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You heard me, my friends. I am now completely contaminated. I'm more tainted than a bovine with mad-cow disease. 'Nix that. I'm more tainted than a syphilitic prostituting leper. 'Nix that. I'm more tainted than a syphilitic, prostituting, leprous walking hamburger patty. That's right, THAT tainted. (Dear John Doe, if you are offended by my use of the phrase “syphilitic, prostituting, leprous walking hamburger patty” then I apologize dearly. Obviously, no offense was meant by it. If you happen to suffer from the condition mentioned above, then I gravely offer my apology knowing full well that you will most likely be dead within the next week).

Why am I so tainted you might ask? Well, because I've been programming in Longhorn and Whidbey all weekend. Now why this normally might be a very good situation, I ask you this: How am I supposed to return to work and program in ASP.NET 1.1? I feel like I will be going back to program, only with the aide of punch cards and duct tape (Oh, the hanging chads! Oh woe is me!).

Enough kidding. You may ask how I really feel. Well, how do I feel? Excited! I am greatly excited for the future that this group of technologies will bring us. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places that still need polish. My favorite is getting a “method not implemented yet” exception. That's a great one! In preparation of developing the game I dropped a teaser about, I developed a simple chat application that utilized the new MessageBus namespace in order to build the client/server architecture. It only took just about half the day to get most of it running (and I have a feeling it would have been shorter if I was more familiar with the new platform). And Oh!, the beautiful generics. I am so glad to finally be using them. I am thinking of posting an article on the small application when I am finished with the next article in my game development series (no, I haven't forgotten about that series :~)). Below is a screenshot of the application I wrote (I apologize to all dial-up users out there for two large images in a row (speaking of, why aren't you on Broadband yet?!?!?!?)). It's definitely not a thing of beauty (insert your scorn for my lack of UI design skills here). Oh well!

Until next time, I'm Jason Olson and that's how the cookie crumbles! Ciao!

Posted on Sunday, March 21, 2004 9:35 PM Windows Client | Back to top

Comments on this post: Great, now I'm tainted, all mad-cow like!

# re: Great, now I'm tainted, all mad-cow like!
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Awesome, glad to hear the disease has spread, become tainted become a...longhornhead, no wait...longhead. No, that's not it. There has to be a better name for this disease...
Left by Adam Kinney on Mar 22, 2004 8:14 PM

# re: Great, now I'm tainted, all mad-cow like!
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Ha! Longhead, I like that. And it couldn't be further from the truth, erg, I mean.....
Left by Jason Olson on Mar 22, 2004 8:49 PM

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