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Well, I think that the death of my new Bloggie Award has come. When I started the thing, I didn't realize that there was already an official “Bloggie Awards”. This got me thinking though. Scoble has talked in the past about the whole “signal vs. noise“ argument. However, what is it that causes the bit-flip from noise to signal to be flipped? How can a blogger stand out from the crowd?

Find a unique hook

One might think that the large rotundness that I have might help me stand out, but no. Apparently when I walk down the street, I am actually surrounded by rotund, grotesque zombies experiencing the last stages of a syphilitic condition that everyone else can see but, at the same time, are completely invisible to me. It's like the wavelength of their existence is perpendicular to mine and yet parallel to everyone else's (please don't point out that this would lead me to not be able to see everyone else, I am simply trying to make a point here). I feel like I am human and everyone around me is Asgard, and a Stargate I don't have.

Does this mean that I don't have a hook? Perhaps. I am trying to make my hook Game Development, and it seems to have been working okay. However, it's hard to tell whether a hook is making much of a change. Is the lack of new readers caused by people having already “written you off“ as a wacko? Or is the lack of new readers simply caused by not having a great enough “footprint“ to your blog?

There are certain blogging masters out there that are very good at finding a hook and exploiting that hook. Rory is a master of humor, as well as low-budget cartoons. Scoble is a master of geek aggregation. Chris Sells is a master of Longhorn information. (There are MANY other bloggers out there who are masters at what they do, simply too many of them to mention)

Quality Posts

This is actually an area that I am still fighting with myself over. What is the definition of quality? Well, it mostly depends on who your audience is. But if only one out of fifty of your posts are worthy of reading by your audience, then people are not likely going to continue reading your blog. Most readers that I know aren't interested in “how many posts have you made“? Why is that? It is because quantity doesn't matter, only quality does. A good example of quality posts I believe is Rico Mariani. Rico has about 24 posts to date since December (which is not very many compared to a Scoble or a Rory). Why do I get so excited every time he makes a new post though? Because his posts are very high quality and contain a lot of information that I really like to have and learn from.

Remember though, there are exceptions to every rule.

Appealing Writing Style

For me, this is the most difficult point to iron out. What is an appealing writing style to you? Should I write with a lot of sarcasm, or simply keep it straight forward and factual? I'm not sure how many of us out there have really settled into our own writing style yet (minus all you authors out there). I know that I still struggle greatly trying to find the right mix between humor and fact. And when I use humor, I am still trying to find out what kind of humor. For any of you that have had the pleasure of meeting me in person (no, my ego is not as big as that sentence makes it sound :~)), I tend to become quite feisty and silly at times, especially once I get to know you better. I have been known to make people laugh from time to time, although sometimes I try too hard to make people laugh and end up saying something so incredibly stupid that all conversations within a city block radius of my statement die instantaneously (when I was younger I thought it was some kind of rare disease that I had).

What kind of experience is everyone else having with this massively multi-player social experiment that is blogging? I'm pretty sure that most of us “humans“ are still poking around in the dark trying to find our way into the light. Can some of the “enlightened“ describe their experience (and perhaps “bless“ us and cleanse us of our closet sins)? If not, I digress, just call me “The Touched“ from now on. After all, who doesn't like to be touched?


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# re: The Grand Ole' Social Expirement
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Don't forget humanity. If people want news they can go to CNN. If they want info, they can go to Google. If they want good writing they can buy a book.

What is difficult to find anywhere else is the humanity that most decent bloggers bring to the table.

Something you do quite well, and it's one of the reasons I read your blog ;-)
Left by Jeremy C. Wright on Mar 15, 2004 2:27 PM

# re: The Grand Ole' Social Expirement
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Ah, good point Jeremy. I didn't think of that. Now that I do, it's pretty clear to me that all the bloggers that I read and follow are very human.

I suppose it's one of those advantages being human, rather than robot? Why not flaunt it then?

Then again, several centuries down the road, what if our brains are reverse-engineered to the point where synapses can be programmed as if they were simply chemically-based bit buckets? Then, in a simple process of x-copy deployment, you could actually deploy your persona (read: your being) onto a different bipedal vessel. And if our brains are understood that deeply, what would prevent humans from creating an artificial vessel that would "host" an actual human persona?

But that takes us down a whole different road altogether, doesn't it? ;~)
Left by Jason Olson on Mar 15, 2004 2:46 PM

# re: The Grand Ole' Social Expirement
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And thanks for reading my blog too :~)
Left by Jason Olson on Mar 15, 2004 2:46 PM

# re: The Grand Ole' Social Expirement
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That's something that I was thinking about this morning actually. How many people read my blog? I'm sure that I could count them with my fingers. Do I still blog? Sure. Why? Don't know, partially because it's fun for me to do and it's a bit of kick that someone might actually read my stuff and think it was interesting, informative, funny, or whatever. For what it counts I would still read your blog even if the mothership called you home.
Left by Carlos on Mar 15, 2004 2:50 PM

# re: The Grand Ole' Social Expirement
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Sign me up for that x-copy deployment stuff! The theory of non-existing doesn't sit to well with me.
Left by Carlos on Mar 15, 2004 2:52 PM

# re: The Grand Ole' Social Expirement
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I hate to be selfish and egotistical, but I have to do it:

+5 geek points to me for using a geek concept like "x-copy deployment" for the fountain of youth.

That brings my running total to: well, let's see here....

1,253,982,019.23 geek points. Thanks, aaaaaannnnnnddd.....

End Scene!
Left by Jason Olson on Mar 15, 2004 3:12 PM

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