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JellyTelly, from the mind of Phil Vischer of VeggieTales, is a network for children to follow along the lines of Christian videos from the 90s/00s.  The idea is to get children to visit the site daily to view wholesome Christian-based cartoons and shows.  With hopes to bring this to the television, but it will launch online first due to the amount of money it takes to launch a television network.  This is definitely exciting and I pray he does very well.

The revenue model will be subscriptions (like Disney Online, PBS Kids Zone) instead of ads.  The model is unique however as you pick your own price.  The first month is free, but after that you pay what you feel the value is and what you can afford.  Much like Christian radio shows, you just give what you can and what you feel it is worth.  I absolutely love this model.  Phil, plan on us as subscribers!

Phil has a wonderful book out called Me, Myself, and Bob that covers his life and experiences creating VeggieTales.

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Interested Parent of a 12 year old (Joshua) in Jelly Telly
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