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I realized after a discussion at work today that I don't view news and information sites in a browser that often.  I find that I use an RSS reader more than actually going to the sites.  I did not think about this too much until a co-worker was discussing Twitter as a service does not get that much direct traffic (people going to their site) most twitter users use a 3rd party software or tool to tweet or follow people.  I realized how true this was when I realized that I had not gone to for a long time.    I use my Iphone, digsby, or outtwit instead of going in a browser to twitter.

The same is true for most of the other sites I like.  I use my RSS reader Google Reader to view most of my daily reading.  I will post the blogs and sites I follow in another post.  Today, I am interested in what people view in their browser. 

I found that I enjoy a few sites directly (even though I may follow their blog):

  • Lifehacker (
  • Digg (
  • woodtv ( - Local news - can't get school closings in RSS
  • - for some reason I'd rather use this site than reader.

Other than those sites I use Google Reader to get info.  Now don't get me wrong,  I do search for sites, research, code and purchase on sites directly.  However, I don't really view news or info other than in a reader.

So what sites do you browse to?

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