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I was recently asked what tools do I use on a regular basis.  As I thought about the question I realized that I have a heavy load of links, apps, and tools that I use frequently for administration of my sites.  I decided I would put a list of these tools together for other administrators.   My next series will contain downloadable tools

Online tools - Tools that are available online to help with the administration of IIS and web servers.  Please add comments or additional tools that I may have missed:

Netcraft - ( - allows you to see web server surveys and check popularity and uptime.  Very useful when checking to see your sites uptime and also other sites technology and server

DnsStuff - ( - Great site for looking up your DNS information and WHOIS.  Test and configure you DNS to see if it is running and functioning.   Invaluable when setting up email systems and backup email systems.

Domaintools – ( – See what your site has to say.  Check domain names, and information around your domain.  SEO information and keywords.

Alexa – ( – Site ranking and traffic usage.  Very good for an administrator to see what traffic and usage is in comparison to other sites.

Google apps – ( – One of the best ways to provide email for smaller clients

Google analytics – ( – You can’t beat the price (free) a great stats and web analytics program.

Montastic - ( – A free online tool that will monitor uptime and notify you when site is unavailable

Google Webmaster tools – ( – Submit your site, find out stats on when your site is crawled.

Webmaster tools – ( – Great listing of tools for a webmaster to use.

Port80 Software – ( – Check your site (IIS) for compression and cache.

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# re: IIS Administration - Online Tools
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I tried Google Analytics, though it is free I dont find it simple and easy to use.
Can be a issue for a newbie, for now I am using , they are fairly simple and a newbie can easily catch up.
Left by Mark on Aug 02, 2007 9:09 AM

# re: IIS Administration - Online Tools
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I think you are correct there is a learning curve for google analytics. Once over that hurdle it is a very powerful tool. Especially the goal tracking and link into advertising.

I tried a few years back for a client and they loved the simple reporting and information


It may be worth my time to do some comparisons of other stat tools out there. I have used the main ones (webtrends, urchin, sitestats, etc...) I'm sure there are a few more out there worth trying.
Left by Jim on Aug 02, 2007 9:37 AM

# re: IIS Administration - Online Tools
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I have come across a tool for IIS 4.x/5.x/6.x and IIS 7.0 detila with IIS admin, IIS reports, IIS reporting, IIS configuration, IIS audit, IIS Administration, IIS Monitoring, IIS security.

Request you to add it online.
Left by Venkat on Nov 13, 2008 4:42 PM

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