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Grid Thinking

My friend Maarten has had this project going for some time now, I didnt even know about it

Its kinda hard to summorize what he is trying to do, i think it can be best described as a particapatory collaboration and data disssemenation platform.

Can you tell he was enspired by EPIC?

Some quotes from his Grid Thinking blog, which he seems to be using as a scratchpad for his thoughts more than anything else at the moment:

For the past year i'm loaded with thoughts due to what’s happening with internet standards and innovations. It seems that the most important standards are in place. We got webservices, RSS and applications that can publish and subscribe to RSS Feeds like blogging tools and podcasting studio's to publish feeds with content and RSS Aggregators and podcasting clients to subscripe to content.



Two big parts

  • The first part is creating new methods to realize efficient ways to share ideas and have realtime brainstorming sessions with large amounts of people.
    We than would also need better (structured) ways to connect publications and comments. This can be done by tags and topics, but also based on a ‘Mindmaps way’ of connecting items. 

  • This second part of the idea basically comes down to realizing new ways for connecting and sorting publications, but now based on a combination of 'social tagging and rating' and using algorithms in software (business intelligence) to do the tagging and rating. This system could also be used form monitoring the topics and trends in a (corporate) blogosphere.


Gridthinking  is about the key technology behind the first version of a Computer Network that realizes Collective Thinking between the community of internet connected people who wish to share information and

thoughts on all kind of subjects and interests. (related blogs, more links to come)


Gridthinking could be about the Google Grid. But NOT ONLY THIS..  Yes it's about recorded media (EPIC?), but it's also about people and the possibility to real-time share thoughts no matter where you are (items) .


GrindThink is about the web 2.0 and beyond....


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