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Now Half Life 2 has come out, it was time to prepare the game computer. I hadn't touched it for weeks, as I do most of my stuff on the laptop now.

The installation on it was over a year old and full of all kinds of junk that I dont need on there anymore. So I decided to stick a new installation on there.

Because I use folder redirection and a bunch of other tricks to keep all essential data on the server, I had no problems simply formatting C and reinstalling Windows XP + SP2 from the CD.

After all the usual stuff, installing pre-downloaded drivers, adding to domain, etc. I ran into a few things that I had not seen before.

First of all, the ATI catalist drivers that I use include the complete ATI control centre. But it requires .NET runtime in order to initialize properly. If you dont have .NET installed, it will fail with an exeption, and your eventlog will log errors saying a "software policy" prevented cli.exe from starting. 

Its just plain dumb of ATI not to include a simple check to see if .NET is installed or not. Just fucking weak.

After I logged in with my non-admin domain user account for the first time, I noticed that the Windows folder was running at over 2.9GB of data.

What had happened was that I had enabled offline folder use for my laptop, and this policy was now effecting offiline folder settings on my game pc, causing my entire 1GB home folder, which is redirected, using policy, to a share on the server, to be cached locally. 

This stuff is cached in the windows/csc (client side caching) folder, and mine was 1GB.

I enabled a group policy option to disable offline files usage for the OU that my game pc is in, but even now the folder was no longer available offline, the windows/csc folder still remained large.

The trick is to delete it using the official way, while offline file usage is still enabled for the folder. And only thereafter turn off offline folders, either via the Share, the settings on the pc itself, or via policy.


Posted on Friday, November 19, 2004 8:14 AM Tech , In The Trenches | Back to top

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Hey Robert,
Just as a friend to friend comment...HL2 will not disappoint. I beat it today, and every bit of that game has an amazing amount of polish. I don't think I've ever been so impressed with a piece of software.

Oh...and when you fight the ants...don't hate them too much, you'll learn to love them more than anything late game... ;)
Left by Dalrain on Nov 21, 2004 6:11 AM

# re: ITT: Fresh Windows installation -ATI Catalist cli.exe, Client Side Caching issues (Solved)
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i agrreeeee
Left by angry on Feb 28, 2005 7:01 PM

# re: ITT: Fresh Windows installation -ATI Catalist cli.exe, Client Side Caching issues (Solved)
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im stil havin problems when i have .net installed its just stops on start up and when i don't its a cli error and my games don't run prperly like path of neo just ....nothing u see nothing and all the shadows stuff up in nfs most wanted
Left by Moe on Jan 17, 2006 1:16 PM

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