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I have a dream about Operating System progression. It’s that instead of working against each other, the major OS developers come together to form this Super OS. This OS will have AI and it’ll combine all of the good things of each OS into a ‘core’ of some of what I call necessary services. No one company will own this ‘core’, it will belong to the community. End Users can choose to use this core OS for free. It’ll be severely stripped down but it will be completely functional with a necessary array of features.

Companies looking to make a profit can then develop User Interfaces and slight tweaks and adjustments to how the OS works. Open Source developers can make their own User Interface and slight tweaks to help keep the Operating System free.

What are the benefits of this design?

  1. The goal would be to produce the most secure OS ever made
  2. The file system would be the most secure, most robust file system ever devised. It'll also be limited to support only a limited set of file systems for backup and restore benefits. Yeah backup companies will have a hard time selling their products now but why make this difficult?
  3. This should hopefully pave the way for more architecture developers to step up. I'm tired of my only choices being Intel or AMD.
  4. Companies can still make money, but users aren't forced to pay high prices for features they like in an OS. Certain features should be in every OS but aren't.
  5. Since the community will own the OS, and be able to view the source code, it'll be free from any kind of 'big brother' activities. No more conspiracy theories about Company X getting all of your personal data. You'll be able to review the code to tell for yourself whether or not any data is collected.
  6. Since all OS developers will be working together, the end result will be some of the highest quality code that has ever gone into any product.
  7. The entire world will reap the benefit, not just one company or one particular group

There's still a ton of commercial gain that can be made from this idea. I just think it's stupid for different Operating Systems to do basically the same thing, yet do things in different ways. I'm personally tired of billions of file systems that I have to back up individually using every product under the sun. Some I have to pay for, others I have free products that do the job but it still doesn't make things easier.

Using my computer now has become more work than in my previous years. Granted I'm doing a lot more with it, but a computer shouldn't feel like work. It's supposed to be a tool to enhance everything I do so that I do it more effectively. My computer does that but at a great price that I'm tired of paying.

I also know that the typical computer user now has very little clue how to use their computer effectively. I deal with a majority of slightly computer savvy people. They know how to turn on the machine and use their programs to do their job. Everything else I must handle or basically their computer would fall apart. It's a huge chore and there are systems that can do much of the work for me, but these systems cost money this small company can't afford. I think it's stupid to charge the outrageous prices but whatever, you have to make money I guess. I want to develop a system people in my company can use and actually enjoy using it. They can barely manage Windows XP and I wouldn't dare give them Linux. Putting that much power in their hands is like hunting squirrels with a rocket launcher. Sure it'll get the job done, but you'll have nothing left once the smoke clears.

If my Super OS idea doesn't pan out and companies don't work together for the good of the people, then there's always RobOS. I'll be personally working on developing it in my spare time, which isn't much at all right now. It may take years to produce but I won't stop until I have something that I can use. Hopefully people will join my endeavor as I will need their help if I want to produce something within a reasonable time frame. I want to develop something that will bring benefit to the entire world, not just my pocket. Who's with me?

posted on Monday, May 24, 2004 10:29 AM