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May 2004 Entries

I have a dream about Operating System progression. It’s that instead of working against each other, the major OS developers come together to form this Super OS. This OS will have AI and it’ll combine all of the good things of each OS into a ‘core’ of some of what I call necessary services. No one company will own this ‘core’, it will belong to the community. End Users can choose to use this core OS for free. It’ll be severely stripped down but it will be ......

I posted an article on my idea for the Operating System of the future. These ideas are my own, at least the way things will be represented. I realize I'm not some great inventor or original thinker. My ideas will draw from many important concepts in Operating Systems now as well as my vision for what Operating Systems should really encompass. I realize my ideas may be ahead of my time, but I'll have literally years to work them out if I happen to be doing this all by myself. Linus didn't crank out ......