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I have been reading a lot here lately about MSF Agile so I decided to start digesting it for future use. It sure has it's skeptics. See here, here, and here. Well, I think that the MSF Agile team and Randy Miller are more than capable of defending their decisions in the process but there is some really good stuff in here. What I like is:

  1. The role model is very well defined and gives clear work products and responsibilities for each. There is even a section for very small teams that need to combine roles to avoid conflicts of interest. Do you really want developers doing final testing?
  2. It is missing the bloat in MSF. I must admit, fellow NTeam-er Ron Buckton has been turning me on to MSF Formal lately but I don't work in a large team. Still, it is a great process.
  3. The process is agile, you can change it. That makes it agile. Don't argue! It lacks the tenets of the Agile Manifesto but it is built and geared for change. In my mind that makes it agile.
  4. It supports TDD. Is there anyone left out there not doing TDD?
  5. The work items are customizable. That is a huge plus in my book. In three years, most of us will be using template-based workitems. Count on it. Microsoft has the lead. Regardless of whether you are using VSTS or (shameless plug) NTeam or a different vendor, if you are agile, you will be using templates.

What I do not like is:

  1. It is just too closely tied to the tool (in this case, VSTS).
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