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Review : Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 Best Practices by Ben Curry (Author), Bill English (Author)

Unlike some other Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 books that either talk about technical implementation of the product or delve only into the planning for a new implementation this book covers them all from  Planning, Implementation and deployment of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. The book is full of real world scenarios and point the reader to the best practices learned on the field by the author and his colleagues. What is so good about this book is that it also provides the reader with alternative approaches and discusses pros and cons of each of them. The author also discusses Business requirement, functional specs and Project management issues encountered while implementing MOSS in different size organizations. The book is divided into four main parts: Planning and Designing, Building, Deploying and Operating. So there is useful information for every IT person in this book. This is not by any way the complete and only reference for each of the above sections for MOSS deployment but none the less any MOSS deployment would benefit immensely by following the tips offered in this book.


    The layout of the book is simple and user friendly. Real world examples are highlighted with simple box layout as is the direction for more details on the subject being discussed. You won't find too many colorful boxes and tones of diagrams to distract you from grasping the concept being discussed but where there is a need there is a diagram to demonstrate the concept. If you are new to SharePoint this book will save you countless hours of frustration and redoing the same thing again and again and worst to have to fix something down the road because it is not scalable. One of the most important selling features of MOSS is the ability to collaborate and find the relevant information quickly and easily. All of this is only possible if you have laid out the proper information Architecture. This is one of the many aspects where this book really shines.


  All in all this is a wonderful book and should be made a compulsory part of any MOSS deployment or day to day operations.


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