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Jacob Adams
The page to set up alerts for a SharePoint list requires the list ID to be passed in as a query string. The follow code will get the ID for the list with a specific title. It will then open the alerts setup page for that list in a SharePoint dialog box. 1: var context = new SP.ClientContext.get_curren... 2: var listTitle = 'TitleOfYourList'; 3: var ......

I have spent several hours trying to resolve this problem, so I wanted to share my findings in case someone else might have the same problem. I had a web part which was calling out to a WCF service on another server to get some data. The code I had was essentially using System.ServiceModel; using System.ServiceModel.Channels; ... var binding = new CustomBinding( ......

While working on a WPF application, I had a need to show the wait cursor while performing a long running operation. However, I didn't want the long running process tying up the UI thread. I needed to run the long running operation on its own thread. I decided to use the Task Parallel Library (TPL) to help.

When you have Microsoft Office Communicator or Lync installed, and you visit a SharePoint site, you will get these presence indicators next to peoples’ names...In SharePoint 2007 (or any other web page), whenever I needed to display a presence icon in custom code, I just use the following HMTL/CSS/JavaScript

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