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Hesham Elsaghir Senoior Design Engineer
Check this site, for PIC development in Linux
and then check this one Piklab on your Linux Package install manager

Well, I am trying to find an IDE for PIC Microchip on Linux.  Specially for PIC18.  It is nice to be able not to depend on MS Windows anymore and just use my Linux OS full time.

Now, Piklab seams to contain all the parts/options I am looking for except that it needs a compiler to use!
What?  so it is just an Editor that I can write my code in and then I need to send that to another compiler.
this is just the start, so if anyone out there has more info or already ahead of me, please, drop a note.
Thanks in advance... Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:09 PM Linux Exploration , Microchip PICs | Back to top

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