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OK - I must be going crazy but here is a lesson learned with the database functoid. We spent about 2 days trying to figure out why we getting the wrong lookup values in the map and got tired of just figuring what out whats going on. Here is our solution. We receive a flat file that needs to be converted into a eConnect schema. Simple so far. We need to simple database lookup so we decide to use the database lookup functoid and the value extractor functoid. The functiod worked great when we unit tested in Visual Studio (of course the config value needs to be in the visual studio.exe.config. Now, when we run a file that has about 200 interchanges (or batch size) we run into this weird issue of not having the right values populated - its almost like the functiod has a mind of its own. Of-course, we decided to write a custom assembly that does the same thing and called it using a scripting functiod and voilĂ  it works like magic now without any issues. Anyone know if this true in BizTalk 2006?


Follow up... October 31, 2006

Okay folks Microsoft is aware of this bug and has posted a fix in BizTalk 2004 SP2 found here

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