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CodeMash 2009 

I just got back from my first ever CodeMash yesterday, damn that was fun!


Here are a bunch of random highlights and surface thoughts:



The Precompiler


The first day of CodeMash was all lab sessions. Awesome concept! I could quite happily attend a whole convention dedicated to this alone.


There was a lot to choose from so I tried the Groovy and Grails in the morning with TDD pair programming in the afternoon. I’ve been struggling a bit with getting TDD right, so this was very useful to me. We never did get the “Zombie Invasion of CodeMash” game finished, but it was a blast…


I’d also have liked to have tried Ruby 101, but I’m hoping I can track down the learning material at some point…



Open Spaces


I nearly dismissed this as trivial when I was looking through the handbook, but after overhearing some conversations on it, I decided I had to check it out. Really glad I did!


How to describe it brief? Well thought the day, instead of going to an standard lecture you can walk into any of the Open Spaces areas and join in a discussion. If any time you get bored you are actively encouraged to get up and find one that “nourishes” you.


For more detailed info, try this article.


Personally I found my self going to 50% lectures and 50% Open Space sessions, as switching between the two broke the day up a bit. To give some examples, I attended discussions on testing strategies, personal branding (how you promote yourself in terms of blogs, twitter, etc) and how to set up an Open Source project. Each discussion would be that little bit different. I found the discussions that caught my imagination, was frequently not the ones I expected.


If you get a chance to attend Open Spaces at any event, do yourself a favor and give it a try!



Fun with Drumsticks


I had a lot of fun with the Rock Band competitions. I was feeling smug for a while because my band was holding on to the high score, thanks to running with the longest song in the game (Green Grass and High Tides). But in the final hour a lot of good players turned up and gave us a good spanking with the same damn song until we were knocked off the score table completely! I think GG&HT was being played continuously for nearly an hour before it concluded.


And to add insult to injury the local classic rock station played the same song at me on my trip home.


On another drumming related note, I had my first ever chance to play (real) drums in a jam session at the Musicians Jam on Thursday. Admittedly I was not that good, (mostly I played safe and stuck to plain rock beats with no fills), but I enjoyed it immensely!

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