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Lots of test code gets written, a lot of it is waste, some of it is well engineered waste.

Companies hire Agile Engineering Coaches because agile engineering is easy to do wrong.

Very easy.

So here's a quick tool you can use for self coaching.

It's what I call, "The Agile Engineering Rules of Test Code" and it's going to act as a sort of table of contents for some future posts.

The Agile Engineering Rules of Test Code

Malcolm Anderson


Test code is not throw away code

Test code is production code


8 questions to determine the quality of your test code

  1. Does the test code have appropriate comments?
  2. Is the test code executed as part of the build?
  3. Every Time?
  4. Is the test code getting refactored?
  5. Does everyone use the same test code?
  6. Can the test code be described as “Well Maintained”?
  7. Can a bright six year old tell you why any particular test failed?
  8. Are the tests independent and infinitely repeatable?
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