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Recently a job posting came through the ScrumDevelopment list reflects an all too common misunderstanding about Scrum.
"An exciting new [industry removed] company located in Bethesda, MD is looking for a ScrumMaster and Technical Lead to join their team. This is a key employee position responsible for leading the construction and enhancement of the company’s web-based e-commerce and portal software, and its interfaces with various content and service provider systems."
My reply to this person pretty well sums up my feelings on this misunderstanding.
I'm not sure if your company or your CxO's are aware of this, but the role of Scrum Master is a full time position in and of itself.
You might be better served by hiring a Scrum Coach and putting your entire team, plus their manager, and their manager's manager through the CSM course.  We had a lot of success using that approach at the Washington Attorney Generals office.  Even with that thrown into the mix, there were challenges to adopting the agile philosophies.
A good starting place to get a Scrum Training reality check is this post over at Implementing Scrum dot Com is a great resource for bringing setting your expectations in implementing Scrum into your organization.
Also a list of up coming Scrum course can be found at the Scrum Alliance dot Org site
Best of luck.
Malcolm Anderson
Certified Scrum Practitioner
Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2007 5:52 PM Agile Development | Back to top

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