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Have you seen the new buzz phrase for TDD?  Pretty much, they just changed the name from Test Driven Development, to Behavior Driven Development. 


It's an NLP experiment that I'm looking forward to seeing fleshed out.


Long story short, the problem with TDD is the word "Test"... *WAY* too much baggage, and charge on that one single word.



"Testing your code is a good if you're a new programmer"

"Our department does testing at the end of a project ... if there's time"

"I'm a developer, I don't get paid to do tests"

"As a tester, I believe that most developers couldn't write a good test if their lives depended on it"


Here's the two links that I think are the most concise summations of BDD.

I don't think its ready for prime time yet, and the .net version is certainly no replacement for NUnit, *but* I think that this minor tweak can solve a lot of the communication issues that hinder adoption of TDD in the enterprise.

Posted on Friday, June 15, 2007 12:44 PM Contracting , Agile Development , Stupid Code Tricks | Back to top

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