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For the last two months I’ve been acting as the build master for a small team.


When I got here, the build process was a 3 day manual process that was slowly killing the one developer on the project.


Thanks to NAnt, I was able to bring that 3 day Cluster-Duck, down to 120 seconds. 


We’ve got a *long* way to go still, but as of last week, we got Cruise Control dot net up and running, and let me tell you, there is NOTHING like checking in your code and seeing that little green balloon pop up with the words, “Yet another successful build”


Due to the virtual nature of our build machine, the build now takes about 5 minutes, but all we have to do now to start the build is check in our code.


Let me say this again, because to me, it is one of the coolest things about using agile processes.


I make my changes.

I run the “build it here” NAnt script

Assuming it ran successfully, I then simply check my code back in.

4-7 minutes later I KNOW if my code worked.


Currently, the main task is Unit Tests.  Our build process runs them, but with a minor exception, they are entirely stubbed out.  On top of that, the current state of my NUnit reporting in ccnet is beyond weak.


One of the main reasons for me posting this is in the hopes of finding other people who are in the same boat I am.

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005 8:03 PM Agile Development | Back to top

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