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I was asked this question today and was unable to give a truly correct answer which bothered me. So, using this handle tool called the "internet" I quickly found an oldie but goodie that filled me in

I've seen people make use of the "using" keyword in samples I've found online in the past but never took the time to figure out why. I always presumed it was shorthand for referencing a particular objects properties & methods without having to go line by line. Turns out this keyword prevents you from necessarily having to write a try/catch/finally block in order to dispose of the object/resource when finished.

In hindsight I really should have looked this up sooner. For the longest time I've added try/catch/finally blocks sometimes specifically so that I could dispose of certain resources when finished (i.e. I/O, database, etc.).

In the words of the late Chris Farley in Black Sheep..."boy do i feel like a horse's patoot!"

Posted on Monday, October 3, 2011 6:41 PM C# | Back to top

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