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Amazing things happen when the Internet dies. The dependency that I've developed on the Internet has turned out to be a monster of an addiction. I'm confident that I share this addiction with many, many others.

The day after Thanksgiving my household lost Internet because the bill hadn't been paid. Comcast is asking for $600+ before it will be turned back on and so therefore, we've been slow to turn it back on. This of course includes our cable TV, telephone, and Internet which is why it's high.

Now imagine yourself waking up, the day after Thanksgiving. It's still a holiday that you have off and you still have the weekend off. Three days left of a Four Day Holiday Weekend. Glorious, Coding experimental days of joy. Then you realize you have no Internet. The weekend...shot. Board game, after board game, after board game finally gets you to Monday where you can finally get Internet at work. You click the Firefox shortcut and heave a huge sigh of relief as you see Google Mail come up and greet you with a friendly smile.

It's an addiction that needs feeding, almost hourly. You can't check your feeds, your mail, your sites. It's a need, a requirement of your everyday life. Not to mention the amount of things you need to search up everyday. It's almost too much to handle.

I recall a 12 hour period where Michigan Tech was with out Internet. Starting at 10 in the morning on a Friday, people were clueless with what to do. People were doing things they never would have done in the ordinary day. Geeks were going to the Gym by the masses. Jocks were playing sports with the UnSocials. People were playing board games, playing outside, going for runs. They had to use telephone books, call for directions, and play Single Player computer games.

Then when the Internet finally turned on again, cheering, mass cheering! I was walking outside of a dorms building and I could hear the screams "It's back! The Internet's back!". Then with flurry, everyone was running to their computer. Jumping on their WoW accounts, checking their e-mail, checking their Facebooks, their blogs, their links, their sites, their messengers, their Skype Voicemails.

The Internet has become so much more than just a research tool, it's become an integral part of our lives.

I have something for you all to try. Either at work, home, or wherever else, unplug the cable from your computer and see how long you can go before you need or want to use the Internet. How long until you need to look up the phone number for the nearest Chinese place, or How long until you need to find directions to a party? I'll bet that everyone will want to plug that cable back in within 30 minutes. Remarkable isn't it?

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30 minutes? That would be accomplished easily and is every day for me. There are days I'm not even connected.

Now 30 days, and I would notice.
Left by George Clingerman on Dec 04, 2007 12:07 PM

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Sure you can go 30 minutes without a computer in a given day, but can you happily go with out it for the 30 minutes in your day that your on the computer the most?
Left by Garrett Hoofman on Dec 04, 2007 2:29 PM

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