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So I finally received the server I ordered for work. It came in, I got it all set up and ready to join it to the domain. So I ran the active directory wizard. It told me that the server I was trying to connect to wasn't prepared for a 2003 server and I needed to run the adprep.exe tool. So, obviously I remembered doing this before and I new it was in the I386 folder on the OS disc. So I went to the old server, ran the tool with adprep.exe /forestprep and then I ran adprep.exe /domainprep.

Everything went perfectly well with the adprep, until I went back to the new server and tried to add it again. It was still unprepared... An hour later of googling and testing I figured it out. Microsoft included two adprep utilities on their Windows 2003 RC2 install discs. Version 30.0 of adprep is on disc 1 in the I386 folder and Version 31.0 of adprep, which you need, is on disc 2 in the CMPNENTS\R2\adprep folder.

Why is Microsoft including an old version of the adprep tool? I can understand that it was a newer add-on needed for the 2000 servers so that you don't corrupt the forests but why couldn't they just push it over to disc 1 and save me an hour of frustration?

Anyway, if you guys run into this problem yourself, that's the fix.

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2007 9:37 AM | Back to top

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