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We took a ride out to town tonight so I could get my new glasses. I can see again! So, while we were out to town, we stopped at Schuelers Bookstore, love that place :). As I made a beeline to the computer books I tried to figure out what section I wanted to look at...

I began my look at the game programming books, and there sat a new edition of Programming Roleplaying Games. I have the directx 8 version of the book but I never got into it enough because directx 9 had just come out and I didn't know very much C++ at the time.

I then crawled my way over to the 3D modeling books. Maya vs 3DS max. I've wanted to learn to use those programs for quite a while now, and I could prolly learn alot from one of those books, but I'd rather take a class on one of them.

After taking a look at those I headed towards the books, and sure enough, I found books. So many big, fat, yummy books. All the web development needs I've wanted to read about.

So, here I am at a predicament...Do I get the game programming book, the 3D modelling book, or the book... Then, I start looking at the prices on these books. $69.99, $79.99, $59.99. So expensive. Soon my sister heads over with three of four books she wants to get. All of em together, don't even touch $30.00.

So as I sit there wondering which book I want to get I come out of my dream state and realize I have 3 dollars in my wallet and put all the books back on the shelf with a sigh.

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