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After my desktop went out of commission I was forced to sit the side lines for the Game Programming Contest.
Now my desktop is almost back up. Yeah...It's taken this long.
Asus was great and sent out a new motherboard immediately. As soon as I got it all set up and turned it on though...nothing happened.
The processor got killed between transitions between motherboards. No bent pins, no physical damage...Dunno what happened.
So AMD is sending me a new processor, expected to be here by Monday.
My fiancee broke it off with me, my desktop was dead, and my laptop was dead. So in my depressed state I bought stuff :)
I got a 60 Gig hd 7200 RPM for my laptop (replacing the measley 4200 RMP 30 GB one, yuck)
I got a 250 GB WD 16 MB Buffer SATA II HD
I got a TV Tuner Card
I got an NVIDIA 6800 GT to go along with my XFX 6800 GT :)
I then also got a CM Stacker which thankfully ZipZoomFly had free shipping on, lol 30 bucks for shipping, yikes! 40.1 Pound case!

And now I can't wait to get the thing up because the engine formerly known as HADDD has officialy gone source being renamed Jad. And Unfortunately my laptop doesn't support pixel shaders 2.0. Damn older laptops.

A free open source mdx engine that has been freshly commented. Everybody go take a look :)
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