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There is a video making the rounds of (mostly liberal) blogs again, showing a US tank crushing the car of some looters. Ive seen it recently on BoingBoing as well as several other locations.

I am in a mixed position about the video. I think that looting is wrong and should be punished, and perhaps the car crush was appropriate. Perhaps not. Clearly the attitude displayed by the troops is inappropriate.

However, what disturbs me most about the video, is the way it is presented This video was filmed in October of 2003, during the initial stages of the occupation of Iraq. While time does not wash away whatever "sin" is involved in this video, the fact that the video is posted over and over again, with no date information - often in a collection of other videos showing inappropriate behaviour by our troops - makes a perception that this type of activity is the norm.

The thousands of videos taken by our troops or the media, that do not show something outrageous, are never seen. They aren't "newsworthy" in the minds of the (liberal) media and blogs.

Are there many mistakes being made in Iraq? Yes. Are troops sometimes doing bad things? Yes. Is only showing the bad parts helpful for anyone (including the Iraqis)? Definately Not.

But that is all we see.

Other than "it bleeds it leads" and general liberal anti-war bias, I am not sure why the video is continuing to make the rounds. It may just be a video-meme-wave that goes around in circles so slowly people don't realize it is a repeat.

BTW, I am not precisely sure on the date of the tank video. I am getting my information from this post on an anti-war site. The post is from Feburary 2005, and identifies the video as a Frontline documentary from 2003.


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