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AITF was a success! Juval Löwy, Michael Wheaton, and Dan Malks came and spoke to a group of developers and managers, and they all loved it. This forum was more focused on software development than I'd like for the future, but I had to minimize the scope because of other things going on at work.

I must say that if you haven't experienced one of Juval's talks, you're missing out. Juval is very eccentric and opinionated, which is always a good thing in my book. He's worked with Microsoft on a number of ventures and has even been named as one of the top 10 developers in the world (by Microsoft). Anyway, enough about him...

Michael and Dan were meant to attract some of the Java developer groups within the organization. While I did get a few, the majority of the attendees were interested in .NET - which is primarily due to the AF .NET User Group that got Juval to come (thanks INETA). I didn't get to hear much of their talks, but the feedback seemed to be that Dan is an awesome speaker. I did talk to him a little and will probably try to get him to come back to talk to architects and lead developers about patterns - Dan co-authored Core J2EE Patterns, which is still in my stack of to-read's.

I'm looking at AITF2 for the July time-frame. Hopefully, I can get Juval, Dan, and perhaps a few more good speakers. If possible, I'd like to get Chris Kinsman, but we'll see how that goes. I need to hear some other speakers before I nail down who I want to get. We'll see. I'd like to cover topics in the areas of .NET, J2EE, databases, XML, and maybe a few more. Requirements elicitation/analysis, project management, wireless, and tablet PCs are possible topics. I want to cover a wider range, tho - after all, the idea is to be focused on IT, not just software. Oh well, I guess I'll just wait to hear what people are asking for.

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