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I've added some good icons to my image gallery section. Use them if you feel the need/desire. They're each in PNG files (I use Fireworks) with named slices for each icon. If you don't have something to read PNG files, you should be able to take a screen shot and paste it into whatever tool you have. Then, cut out the necessary icons as needed.

I have more that need to be consolidated, but it's not worth the time to do it now. I'll get around to it sooner or later. If you have some good ones that you use, shoot them to me and I'll add them. We could get a pretty nice collection here.

Oh, and with the buttons...if you can edit the PNG file, the icons and text are separate from the background, so you can edit the text as needed. Hope that helps creating new buttons.

Thanks Jeff!!

Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2004 8:41 PM Crap , migrated | Back to top

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