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OK, so maybe it's not as catchy as the MTV tune, but I've still been singing it for the past 3 months. I ran into a “monthly” newsletter by John Lam, Practical Eye for the .NET Guy. I liked it, so I thought that I'd check back every once in a while to see the next version.

Well, things happened, I forgot to check John's site...and, waddaya know, it's January. It's like finding a $100 gift certificate from << insert holiday here >> that was dropped behind the couch. So I scrambled to John's site and start looking around...all to no avail. I took that as a hint and subscribed to the newsletter on the home page. Then, I proceeded to Google to verify that there are no more.

Now, let me tell you: At this point, I feel like I've gotten dressed, driven across town, walked into the store, picked out what I wanted, and have been waiting in the checkout line (“express” line, no doubt) for 10 minutes...and, I notice the fine print that says the gift certificate has expired. What the crap!!!

Ok, maybe I'm getting extreme, but I'm still wondering when the next installment will be coming out. I didn't see anything else on John's site about either continuing or discontinuing the newsletter, but there seemed to be a good following on it.

John, if you're out there, come on back! We miss you...well, the newsletter, anyway. Looking forward to that next one.

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