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One thing that I've always seen, but never understood was the use of spaces over tabs. Does anyone have any good reasons for this? I prefer tabs because they are easier to use. For instance, if I need to delete an indention, I press backspace. If I need to move left one indention, I press the left arrow...both ONE time, not four. Different editors work in different ways, but I think that tabs completely ensure the same functionality. If it's a tab, it's treated the same way, no matter what.

One person mentioned that when you open code in a normal text editor, like Notepad, you get huge spaces. True, but how much do you use Notepad? If you use notepad, then you're crazy. There are a ton of good tools to edit all kinds of code. They can do all kinds of cool things.

So, I'm left with my quandry: Why do most standards include the mandatory use of spaces instead of tabs?

Posted on Monday, December 15, 2003 9:32 AM .NET , Java , XML , Development | Back to top

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