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I'm not sure if web logs will be successful communication tool or not. I guess what I'm worried about is that a number of people within the organization have mentioned that they don't know how much it'd be used. When people have questions, they usually call select individuals to answer their question. Everybody knows: programmers are hard-headed - especially the good ones. Most programmers don't want to accept someone else's opinion when they have one of their own. And, for problems with projects, people usually have lists/forums they frequent for answers. Blogs would be a good way to promote those answers within the organization, but I don't think anyone will go back to their blog just to add a comment about how they solved the problem.

Another problem is that a lot of people within my organization don't do a lot of information sharing outside of their project. They'll let people that work on the project know what's going on, but not bother with email or anything. Blogs might promote that, but I don't know if people will use it or not. I don't want to spend tons of time working on it if it won't be used. I'm busy enough as it is.

I am planning on setting up a blog for news and hopefully events, but those are low priority. I can probably roll at least a demo of the capability in with that. Further implementations can be on a case-by-case basis. 

I'm probably going to be posting another rant on blogging software...we'll see. I have several issues on setting up this corporate blog in an environment with more than 2000 potential bloggers.

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