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The 3D Platform for Feature Films and Television

Jonathan Dern – President and co-founder Cinedigm
John Rubey President AEG LIVE
Greg Foster – Pres Filmed Entertainment IMAX Corp
Jim Hannafin – SVP Reliance MediaWorks
Pete Routhier VP 3D Product Strategy at Technicolor
Chuck Comisky – 3D Stereo VFX Supervisor for Avatar
Marty Shindler – CEO Oculus3D

  • I haven’t seen any basic changes of concepts since Avatar – Chuck Comisky
  • Avatar had two goals – not to tire people’s eyes out. We wanted the 3D to enhance the experience and for people not to think that they were watching a 3D movie. Does there need to be more training? Really people need to understand the basic concepts of working in 3D. Much like a person can paint with light – you can also paint with stereography. Some stereographers are artists. – CC
  • Technicolor is a global conduit to help creators reach their vision. An IMAX movie doesn’t automatically translate to TV and we are doing a lot of R&D to make sure that all these formats talk together. Has the workflow changed to accommodate 3D – quite. The challenge is transposing the cinema techniques to TV. We need to adapt methods. TV doesn’t have the time that movies have.
  • IMAX does things now exclusively in 3D.
  • Most IMAX is shot parallel for 3D.
  • Bad 3D will ruin the market .Reliance MediaWorks just built a large 2D to 3D convergence facility in Mumbai India.
  • If operations are overseas and the directors are here – how important is the communication?
    • It is very important and we have stereographers here on the ground. The collaboration has to be there. The work can be remote.
  • Are standards important in regards to metadata?
    • Metadata is critical in anything we do. Naming conventions are of paramount importance when you are tagging metadata.
    • First thing is that we validate the inputs. The data needs to be good. Then the next step is to convey it. Technicolor has 60% of the set top boxes in the homes. They are looking for when users can set the size of their TVs and the distance to the couch in order to get the best experience.
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