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image First, I would like to say that I am quite the Microsoft guy and I am at my first non-Microsoft conference - Oracle OpenWorld 2008. Within my organization, Thomson-Reuters, I lead a team that built a new product platform. Our platform has an Oracle 10g back end and a complete .NET 3.5 middle tier and presentation layer.

I have been to a lot of PDCs and TechEd sessions and it is interesting some of the differences between the two conferences. The first big difference is in how they do these keynotes. Microsoft starts off with a big bang - usually Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates coming out and providing a big set of powerful punches of demos - giving it a complete WOW factor. Oracle on the other hand starts off with light keynotes that aren't that big and then as the sessions go on day-to-day - the keynotes get bigger and bigger in importance. So, I am here at at the last keynote and this is the big one - Larry Ellison. I have never seen him speak before - so this should be pretty interesting.

Before Larry Ellison came out the first visitor was an HP Vice President who was really focused on making a big HP sales pitch to the 40,000+ conference attendees. The main point of her message is that by 2010, more than 1/3 of CEOs and CIOs say their current data center will be unable to meet their growing demands due to information expansion, CEOs demanding more from IT, and an aging infrastructure. To me - this is nothing new and you could have said the exact same thing in 1995. Really as an architect/CTO, you are always focused on these items. This is a common thing that many organizations have been trying to solve and continue to try to solve. Also - this is something (in my mind) that never goes away and will always have to be worked on. Interesting quote that the HP VP said is that her company ships a server every 13 seconds. They also claim to be the fifth largest software company in the world. Another big focus of her presentation was on the transformation of data centers. They want to help people get to an organized, lights-out facility. From this point, they then showed us a long commercial about how HP can create a data center for you that is more efficient and better all around for you. HP moved from 85 data centers to 6. They moved IT spending to 2% of revenue. More computing power with 40% less machines. One big part of transforming the data center is around the idea of virtualization. This provides them the means to rapidly deploy products. Also - HP is focusing on making machines ready for cloud computing. There was a statement about if your organization is going to host your own cloud architecture - that HP is there to help you out with this process. This entire thing was a big big commercial and took around 20 minutes. It was quite disappointing to be forced to sit through.

From here, they showed a video of Larry racing his yacht and then he came out to discuss having two jobs - yachting and the head of Oracle. He focused on making a comparison to the new yacht that he built to get the America Cup and Oracle Performance and helping customers get past the data bandwidth problem.

One rather annoying thing about this presentation is that Larry doesn't have a clicker with him - but instead has to say "Next slide please" on each and every slide.

Some random notes from Larry Ellison and this presentation:

  • Once they hit around 1TB you will start experiences full-table scan problems
  • Oracle announces Oracle's First Hardware product - The Exadata Programmable Storage Server
    • 2 Intel processors : 8 cores - 4 cores each
    • 12 Disk Drives - Up to 12 TB raw storage
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux OS
    • In partnership with HP
      • They aren't really doing this themselves
    • Brainier software - this is a quote from Larry
  • He then showed an Exadata Storage Server as a Grid - Exadata Storage Grid
  • "Provides very very fast query processing"
  • Brawnier Hardware - wider pipes and more of them
    • In conjunction with HP
    • 2 InfiniBand Pipes - 1 GB/sec - Per Storage Server
  • Will work with any Oracle Database Server
    • Linux x86 Database servers today
      • others on the way
  • "Add capacity - on demand - one server at a time"
    • He is proposing fan-out rather than beef-up in your server approach
  • Announced the Oracle Database Machine - world's fastest Database machine
    • 8 Oracle Database servers
    • 64 Intel processor cores
    • Oracle Enterprise Linus
    • Oracle Real Applicaiton Clusters
  • 14 Exadata Storage Servers
    • 14 GB/Sec data bandwidth
    • 112 Intel Processor Cores
    • 168 300 or 1000GB Disk Drives
    • 1,400 Larger than the largest IPOD"
  • The Oracle Database Machine is a three year development program
  • M-Tel manager said, "Every query was faster on Exadata compared to our current systems"
  • M-Tel Exadata Speedup - 10x to 72x faster on all their queries
  • LGR Telecommunications - 30 min queries now take 1 min
  • Conventional disk arrays cannot compete with Exadata Smart Storage Servers
  • Database Machine Faster than Five Rack Teradata 5550
  • Many slides on comparing Oracle databases to Netezza and how Oracle is better than them. Larry's quote was that their database machine runs Oracle and "their's does not"
  • $650,000 for the system price
  • $1,680,000 for the software licenses
  • 168TB total storage
  • This is all available today
  • Hardware problems go through HP (just signifying that this is an HP thing really just running Oracle software)
  • The head of HP then came on via satellite and told the crowd that his company was putting everything they had behind this.
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I was not in Larry's keynote today but i was at Openworld from sunday noon through tuesday evening. I'm VERY UNIMPRESSED. They dont seem to have a cohesive strategy and seem to readily embrace the fact that they are more a marketing/sales organization than a technology product company. I'm beyond surprised on what keeps Oracle moving, especially on how customers (including my company) are relying on it so much.
Left by Raj on Sep 24, 2008 10:26 PM

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