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I'm for the first time at a non-Microsoft conference in my life. I am at Oracle's OpenWorld 2008 in the lovely city of San Francisco. So far so good. The biggest surprise is really how big this conference is. There are more than 43,000 people at this conference. Wow - amazingly big. The other thing that is different than the TechEd and PDC conferences that I attended in the past is that there are a number of keynotes here and it seems that the first ones aren't that important and they build up in importance till the last keynote is the big one (with Larry Ellison). The first one was with James Carville and Mary Matelin both of political commentary fame.


They spent about two hours speaking on politics and each other and James is quite the joker and through out a lot of really funny jokes that I shouldn't repeat here really. It was a nice presentation - but then again, it was strange that everyone showed up for the first keynote and it had absolutely nothing to do with technology.

The second day keynote was done by a President of the company, Charles Phillips, and he then brought out Michael Phelps on stage and then did a comparison between Michael and Oracle. That was a bit strange and it was an odd connection. Here is a photo I took (not good) where they list all the Oracle medals compared to the list of Phelps medals.


When he left - my comment to a friend was really wondering how much money he was paid for that experience. My guess is 100K. Not a bad day's work!

I will be off to the exhibition to see all the vendors and what is going on there. I have a presentation tomorrow with friend Alex Key from Oracle on ODP.NET and .NET Performance. My group at Lipper and Thomson-Reuters has really focused on building the best and fastest set of services (WCF) from an Oracle database. The amount of data that we are delivering to our applications is rather large and we have done some good things to really get the most performance we can in moving this data from the database to the client applications.

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