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So you want to rally, eh?

For this review, I will look at the three rally games that I have on the XBOX. The first is the original RalliSport Challenge. When I first got this game, I thought it was the best game on the XBOX (yes, it was that good). RalliSport2 Challenge is EVEN BETTER. The graphics are superb, the handling is outstanding and the tracks are incredible. The best part is that in RalliSport2 is that you (as the driver) get to work through a true rally (you work through multiple stages), which is quite true to the sport. This is nice. I would say that the uphill courses are the most entertaining.

RalliSport Challenge is fun for every member of the family. THOUGH, I would have to say that the original RalliSport is the best for small children. My son, Henri, started playing the XBOX at age 2 - with RalliSport Challenge 1. This is an excellent game to teach youngsters about gaming. Why? Well, it is designed that all you really have to do (if you are 2 that is) is hit the acceleration button and your car goes. Then your car will get to a point in which it will fly off the road and the game will then fade out and reappear with the car repositioned in the middle of the road. When Henri was 2, he thought it was a heck of a lot of fun to watch the car fly off the road and he would actually work through an entire “race” that way. Now, Henri is 4 and he does a pretty good job at steering and is sometimes hard to beat. Though, when he plays, his car still hits things a lot. For this reason - RalliSport2 Challenge is a bad game for him.

I bought RalliSport2 for him thinking he would love it. The problem is that this game has realistic damage and when you hit the car too much on items in the course, you lose more and more control over the car until it gets to a point where it is almost impossible to drive. This would cause Henri to become rather frustrated and he would start yelling that the car is not going where it should.

So it is RalliSport 1 for Henri and RalliSport 2 for me.

On a side note, I also bought the Colin Mcrae Rally 04 just because it was under $20. I didn't have much fun with this game as the handling of the cars is pretty poor. I bought it cause it said it was XBOX Live enabled - but the only thing it does on XBOX Live is allow you to compare your scores with others in the world ... whoop-te-do. VERY DISAPPOINTING GAME ... DO NOT BUY!

Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2004 2:04 PM Reviews | Back to top

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I gotta say I love to see the progress of the car damage, like changing from a very nice car to a car with broken windows and without doors, LOL =)
Left by Alan Yeung on Sep 30, 2004 3:29 PM

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