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Jim Alchin - ** how developers can do this?


Fundamentals - WinFS - Indigo - Avalon


Announcing WinFX - next step behind Win 32 - builds on the .NET Framework

            Well-structured programming framework for Windows

            Continued commitment to back wards compatibility

            MS-DOS – Win16 – Win32 - WinFX

Add ref and release you will not have to think about.

WinFx Developer Preview - namespace chart


Software fundamentals - challenges

            System, application, driver reliability

            Deployment complexity and expense

            Growing security burden


We don't take advantage of the GPU - only in some games - we are addressing these issues




            Deployment and servicing

                        click once

                        No reboots (got huge applause)

                        Software update services

                        Comprehensive migration


                        System and app tracing

                        Fast reboot via non-volatile memory

                        Driver verification - make sure it is correct first

                        Hardware monitoring 



                        Glitch Free CPU scheduling and disc I/O

                        Full GPU exploitation

            Security and Privacy

                        Start securely

                                    Driver signing

                                    System dll protection

                                    Code integrity

                                    Hardware assisted secure boot

                        Stay Secure

                                    Software update service

                                    Windows update

                                    Security configuration wizard

                                    Trust center

                        Build Secure

                                    Visual Studio

                                    Secure Execution Environment (SEE)

                        Communicate securely

                                    Smart card, identity system, biometrics

                                    Secure networking



            Now - run in a window - or run in the browser?

            People want one world - we are on a path to solve these problems.

Avalon - unified presentation model - for windows web and media!

One programming model that you can count on.

Vector based compositing engine

Native support for advanced input

Support for declarative programming


VECTOR BASED! - You will know that if you did a bitmap orientated image - things don't work.

Ink - one standard API

Speech - one interface into the system.


Declarative programming - huge move! This is better in a variety of ways .... XAML a new markup language - build a windows app in a declarative way. to separate coding from content. Markup for Windows. Build applications in simple declarative statements. Easy to learn, write and read. Code and content are separate.


Don Box and Chris Anderson - talking about Avalon! What is the code going to look like. Don using EMACS. Don Box says his mom only has EMACS on her computer.


Using system;


using MSAvalon.Windows.Controls;


Application app = new Application();


Not gray ... it is now white! - Chris


BIG release - biggest since Windows 95!


Funny note: Jim called the button's in Longhorn - Jelly button


When using colors in the XAML code: Jim used something like this: #44000FF ... the 44 is the opacity of the item. Rather cool. This is all stored directly on the video card so it won't hurt app performance.


There was a demo with a video behind the text and controls. They were able to rotate the text and controls quite easily and it looked rather nice even if it was rotated.


STORAGE: Challenges

- Data is trapped inside application silos

- Relationships are buried - e.g. William G. and Bill G. are the same person.

- Shell views are tied to folder hierarchy

- Organize photos on any kind of way possible



- synchronize data

- Extensible XML Schemas

- Logical views

- Programmatic relationships

- Synchronization service

- Information agents - on change notifies of these changes


DON Box had Jim Allchin write code for everyone on stage and this was a funny exchange between the two!



- Web services are great, but ...

- A lot of work

- You need to handle trust

- Objects or services?

- How to make it work over peer to peer?



- Advanced Web services

       - Secure, reliable, transacted

       - heterogeneous interoperability

- powerful messaging cab abilities

- Simplifies building services




- Too many ways to manage contacts

- No single RTC API for IT. Managed and P2P environments


what to do:

- Single namespace and source of contacts and presence

- modular platform with UI controls for chat, AV, data


Chris did his Longhorn development using Slick Edit.


System.MessageBus - this is the namespace for Indigo




Adobe : Greg Gilley - Senior VP President of Engineering


Using After Effects, they are able to have an artist create something and then export what they did automagically to XAML so that there is no need to write it yourself as a developer ... rather cool. They did a stock demo (like something we would do at Reuters, so I was rather interested!). It was vector based and had scrolling symbols.


Merck: Jim Karkanias: Executive Director Clinical Development Operations


One click installs

Real time data drawing graph at same time.


Amazon: Alan Vermeulen, CTO


A Longhorn client Amazon store. RATHER COOL.



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