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In the keynote for PDC ... FIRST DAY rockin!

FROM ME: I feel like Dorothy and have landed in the land of OZ!


Tons of people for the Bill Gates keynote with giant monitors all over the place. They started with showing us all the HALO PDC video which is a total riot. After that we got a little emotional clip about the history of Windows starting from the beginning.


PDC - Bill Gates Presentation


Bill Gates talked about this being a record PDC - more signups than any other PDC. Man, he is starting to age when you see him 20 feet across and making me feel old.


Summarized from Bill:

This PDC is about software that is going to make our lives better and bring computing to a whole new level. People are pessimistic about new technology. Digital devices will be part of our lives now unlike it has been in the past. Focusing on the next wave - .NET XML Web services and WS-I. Better hardware. MSFT R&D budget more than doubled to 6.8 billion. Why are some people are questioning the advancement of technology? Technology decisions are based upon business values - unlike during the past (the dotcom days). New activities: wireless, tablet PC and devices. Issues around spam and security and viruses - those are very prominent in people's mind. We need show that those are not significant problems so people will want to advance on technology. Breaking down the boundaries will drive us forward.


Trustworthy computing


Vision of safe and reliable computing


            Fundamental research

            Engineering advances

            Business culture and process changes

            Policy and regulation

Customer perception > quality = security

Requires industry wide commitment

* Passwords will not be good enough


Securing today’s world

Windows XP SP2

            Firewall on by default

            Safer email and web browsing

            Enhanced memory protection

            Beta by the end of this year

* Changes some of the ways we do code protection

Windows Server 2003 SP1

            Role based security configuration

            Remote access client inspection

            Local inspection on connection

            Beta h1 cy04


You can send reports back to Microsoft with errors hit and created management systems to manage this. Change how we work with video drivers as we saw lots of errors with video drivers because of this system.

Track crashes and their freq in the real world

Debug with crash data report

Respond to customers with fixes/workarounds


Hardware innovation



Riding Moore's Law

Scale up and out

64-bit, 64-wway

Next generation secure computing base



Wireless networking

Always on

Always with you



CPU- 4-6 GHZ; 2 cores

Memory: 2+GB

Disk: 1+TB

GPU: 3x today

Net: 1GB, 54M wireless


Broadband penetration going up and up every year. Personal computer in three years will be a pretty phenomenal device. Hardware won't be the constraint. It is not the microprocessor or the network - it is software. Software that is managing itself and reducing the complexity.


VIDEO: Behind the technology


This was a total take on the VH1 series – called ‘Behind the Technolgoy’ – even done with the same voice as the original guy who does the voice on the actual series! Quite cool.



Beginning with the Altair. Hippies talking about the Altair . Talking real slow. Made comparison between the Altair and the new Macs. Sean Puffy Combs talks about how he loves DOS and his album DOS Forever singing about C prompt. Talking about the Software Pirates movie quite a bit and talked to actor who played Bill Gates. Showed videos of Ballmer screaming and yelling. Talked about Microsoft Bob being ahead of its time. R&D lab showed that Bob worked with monkeys so they are confused why it didn't work with the general public. Marc Andersson said that people used browser for viewing "art". Bill Clinton talking about talking about how many sites there were during his presidency. Tim Russert (Meet the Press) talking about talking to the puppet about it being his fault that the dotcom bubble burst.





Digital decade - this is the digital decade - listening to music, buying products, etc. Productivity will even be greater in this decade then in the last - even though the hype won't be as great.


Connected Systems

Wiring up systems through software



            Advanced Web services

            Workflow and process

            Distributed management

            Ad hoc connections

Doing interoperability fests, etc.

Once you can do the connections - you need to define workflows

Management software has traditionally been its own thing - with Web services, we are not going to do that - we are going to use the mainstream architecture to go beyond what traditional management software did. We will understand what kinds of failures took place. These technologies will have to work with systems that might be disconnected. We will replicate when we can but it will work great even when it is disconnected. Likewise peer to peer is very important - rich messaging architecture that is built in the system will have to support.


Users want to manage information - mail, other silos - address book is at the application level and not at the process level. Search is different for each application - these are problems.


Information driving breakthroughs

            Rich search and views

            Unified storage


            Information agent



            End to end scenario focus

            Operating system as versatile renderer

            Content adapts to device and interface


Experiences breakthroughs

            Speech recognition and synthesis

            Real time communications and phone integration

            Scalable reading experience

            Visually manage 1000s of files, pictures, contacts, songs


We need to let people manage windows and see a lot more of what is going on with the system.


Thinking about meetings in the future. For people who are not local. LiveMeeting is the product he is promoting here. So others can watch the meeting later.


Windows Longhorn

            Deliver on the fundamentals

            Advances for customers

                        Connect your world

                        Information in focus

                        Confidence and control

            Advances for developers

                        Faster and easier development

                        Major new subsystems


Presentation: Avalon

Data: WinFS

Communication: Indigo

Base Operating System Services: Fundamentals


Design in clear type and direct x - like capabilities into the platform.

WinFS is unified storage - XML based.

Indigo - queuing software, transaction software and builds this all in the platform.




A guided tour of windows longhorn - Hillel Cooperman - Project Unit Management


Ctrl-alt del screen was totally different.


Longhorn has made me totally amazed!!!!!!


Looking at documents ... sidebar - time - side pictures - RSS feeds. Stack by author. Ink file names. Search through documents rather quickly! Built query right in the top bar.



            win xp

            win server 2003

            msft office

            live communications server 2003



Incredible opportunities

            PC growth at healthy level this year

            New Motorola phone with .net built right in - also Samsung - in the mobile scenario - 2nd generation of tablets coming along



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