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  • Am I Crazy? ...I wanna Mac Mini

    I mean, its only $500 bucks... er 650 I think for the model with internal WiFi... which makes me wonder, if Macs are getting Intel Centrinos, then wouldn't they have WiFi built in then? 

    Hmmm, I might wait for the first batch of Mac Minis with Intel, if thats the case... otherwise I'm gonna yank the card on one (soon)

    As a developer, I wonder if Mono would run on the Mac...? thats intriguing... I could be programming for both platforms for the simpler stuff (that doesnt require full blown display capabilities... most apps I think fit into that category) 

    On another note, I wonder if the Apple loyalists will begin cringing when some of the... ah HMMMM... awful looking stuff starts invading their OS? :-)

    Oh and anybody playing Battlefield 2?  I'm buyin a copy AFTER july 4th :-)  

    PS. Probably after the 4th on that Mini too...

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