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I have heard some service providers (or cloud providers), hosting companies and such complain, criticize or even venture to call foul on Microsoft’s Azure VM Role.  The problem:  None of them have gone through the effort of truly understanding (or perhaps not wanting to know) what is going on there.  Many have jumped right into the “purist” definition of IaaS, or PaaS for that matter.

Ok, Buck’s post is a true gem (my opinion) in the sense it gives you parallels of what the VM Role is and is not.  And it brings Hyper-V and SCVMM to the forefront explaining what it is and what it also offers to the IaaS Microsoft offers.

Here is an excerpt of the summary, but please go on over to read his post it will clear a lot if you are wondering when and how to use the Windows Azure VM Role.

The excerpt:

“Virtualizing servers alone has limitations of scale, availability and recovery. Microsoft’s offering in this area is Hyper-V and System Center, not the VM Role. The VM Role is still used for running Stateless code, just like the Web and Worker Roles, with the exception that it allows you more control over the environment of where that code runs.”

The source and post:  Buck Woody -

Posted on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 4:05 PM Azure , Virtualization | Back to top

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