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There have been many things going on this year around TFS.  Most of them had to do with migrations (I don’t call them upgrades for the most part since it involved new hardware and such).  Many were implementations using the Conchango SfTS template (now EMC).

But there were others that were CMMI or Agile 4.0. Everything would move just fine, no issues.  That was until you attempted to run Test Case Management or run the last configuration steps for Lab Management.

There is an error that states a project is not ready to run or integrate with Test or Lab Management.  And while there was some documentation on how to adjust and update the Agile WITs to work with it, there was still some disconnect to making it work with CMMI.

Now there is a great post on how to run the “fix” from end to end.

Check the post here: 

TFS 2010: Enable Test Case Management for upgraded Team Projects

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010 10:58 PM TFS | Back to top

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