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I’ve been a big Corsair fan for a long time.  I’ve always had great luck with their RAM and other products. 

A couple of months ago, I was in the market for a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches.  I was delighted to find that Corsair was selling their K90 keyboard at Fry’s Electronics with those exact switches, so I picked it up.  Then, I started to use the F-keys… then I started to map the G-keys to macros… and I started to notice that these keys felt weird.  So, I pressed on them some more… spongy… no nice click.  What gives?

Then I discovered the truth – the K90 only has a sub-set of keys with Cherry MX Red switches.

Funny, but the product description doesn’t seem to indicate that…

Now, I guess that it doesn’t matter that the product is called the Vengeance K90 Performance MMO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard when it isn’t.   I challenged Corsair on this.

I’m including my email thread below.  Note, I’ve omitted some email addresses and URLs.

Gosh, this just makes me feel terrible.  Here is a company I trusted, who is openly lying and weaseling out.  If the product had been called “hybrid mechanical,” I could see some room for argument.  But it isn’t.  And hiding the information in an F.A.Q. is NOT the answer.

This is an issue of ethics… So I guess if I were to purchase a 1200 watt AX platinum power supply and a third of its pin outs actually produced “bronze” level performance, I shouldn’t be concerned… this fact could perhaps be concealed in an F.A.Q. somewhere…  Certainly not on the box or webpage.

Perhaps it’s naivety, but I find it very hurtful when a vendor I trust, recommend, and pay premium prices to flat-out jacks me.


HI Ed,

Thank you for your reply.

I see the images you are referring to but I fail to see where it says all the keys are mechanical or how you have been misled. It is your assumption that all keys are mechanical when it does not state this anywhere, and especially in the boxes you have highlighted. It is true that we do use Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, but it does not say the keyboard is completely mechanical and that *all* keys are mechanical. If you can find anywhere on our website which states what you are assuming, I would be more than happy to take corrective action immediately.

Furthermore, I had also included the FAQ that clearly states where the mechanical switches are on the keyboard as a reference in our last email. We have also published a blog on this here: that also explains why the keyboard was designed in this way. There was and is no attempt to “hide” this information. Everything I have given is published publically and also listed on any review site with our K90 as well.

If you do not have your original packaging for the keyboard, then unfortunately we can only replace the keyboard for you for another of the same exact product in accordance with our RMA policy. If you have any questions about this, then please contact our customer service at xxxxxxx and they can answer any questions you may have. As per your request, I will also forward this email conversation history to my immediate supervisor and our customer service manager so they are aware of your complaints.

Thank you and have a good day.


Ram Guy

Tech Support Specialist

From: Ed Draper
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2013 10:31 AM
To: Ram Guy
Subject: RE: Customer Feedback ()

Hi Ram -

I'd like to have this issue escalated.  This is not acceptable to me.  I do not have the original packaging to return to the vendor.   Burying the fact that you're basically lying on your product information page in a FAQ or support page does NOT excuse the fact.

This is a question of ethics and my business relationship with you.

Have look at your own marketing:

IF this is not made right, I will cease to do business with you in the future.  Furthermore, I will take this "bait and switch scheme" to my social media channels.  Perhaps a class action lawsuit might prompt a more customer focused response than what you've provided to date.


From: ramguy
To: Ed
Subject: RE: Customer Feedback ()
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 08:48:42 -0800

Hello Ed,

We apologize for the issues you have with the keyboard. Unfortunately, the K90 is not  a fully mechanical keyboard and we don’t advertise it as such on our website, or on the product packaging. On our website under Support -> FAQ’s, we also address this as a question: to help with people who would like to know which keys are mechanical.

One of the reasons why we did not intentionally make all of the keys mechanical was for cost reasons since making a fully mechanical K90 would raise the MSRP above what it is currently now.

However, based on the demand and the feedback we received, We do have a fully mechanical version called the K95 which will be released soon that will actually be 100% mechanical. The MSRP for this product will be 149.99 and is expected to be out by this Spring.

If you are unsatisfied with the K90 you have, I would recommend returning to your reseller for a refund so you can await for the K95 to be released as it sounds like this will better meet your needs.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ram Guy

Tech Support Specialist

From: Ed Draper
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 7:28 PM
Subject: Customer Feedback ()

Customer Feedback from
Country: US
First Name: Ed
Last Name: Draper
Question: Hi - I've been a big Corsair fan for a long time. Recently I purchased a K90 keyboard. This keyboard was advertised as having Cherry-MX Red switchs on the keys. When I got the keyboard home, I found that a subset of the keys had these switches. I'm very annoyed, I feel your advertising has been deceptive. I purchased this over a Das Keyboard because it was from YOU. Now, I feel YOU have screwed me. Do you have any ideas on you this can be resolved?

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