Where’s my start button?

I have to be honest here for a moment. The one thing people most complain about when they talk about Windows 8 is that they miss the Start Button. You know, that dreaded thing that everybody hated when it was introduced…

I usually don’t go into these kinds of discussions unless I am personally involved but this one I cannot let go. Why are people doing this? Windows 8 is a great OS. They have changed, updated and perfected so many things so there is enough to talk or write about. Yet, all articles or discussions come down to “Where’s my start button?”

In order to save myself from having to explain this every single time I wrote this post and from now on I will simply refer to this blog when I get asked that question.

Here it is.image

Your start menu is there. It’s right in front of your nose. It’s two dimensional, it’s got huge buttons (although they are more than just buttons, they’re alive and therefore called Live Tiles). Just go through those tiles and click what ever you want to start up. Don’t want to look for an item? Just start typing. Really it is that simple. When you are on the start screen just start typing (part of) the name of the program you want and you’ll find it. 

As you see in the attached example I started typing “word” and it found Word, Wordfeud, Wordament etc. If you want to find something else besides a program (say you want to change the region you’re in) just click on Settings (it will already show you how many hits there are in that section).

People, my request is: dive into something before you complain about it. Look around. This feature is so much easier to use than the old stuff. But you have to know about it.


I won’t get into this discussion anymore.

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Gravatar # re: Where’s my start button?
by Nicolas Calvi at 11/7/2012 3:25 PM

So true xD
Gravatar # re: Where’s my start button?
by Philippines Condo at 11/12/2012 3:20 AM

:D i'm sooooo exited with windows 8, I saw in advertisement it's awesome! Great! thanks for the advance information..at least next time when I update my OS already know where my start button located..
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