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Perhaps I am the fool.  Either that or nobody's listening; which is a distinct possibility as I haven't been posting anything much of interest in some time now.  I thought that this would have at least garnered some half-hearted jabs.

I mean really.  Where are all of those naive petitioners now?

BTW, the code examples shown in my previous post are actually from LOLCODE and yes, it's real.  To be honest, I sort of like the way the code reads.  There's even the beginnings of a .NET compiler for Lolcode and the LOLCODE Specification 1.2 is pretty complete.


Just because I can...

posted on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 5:20 PM


# re: Anyone? Anyone? 4/6/2008 1:19 PM Jake Billo
Just found your site a few days ago, and it'll be in my RSS feeder from now on. VB6 for life! ;)

For what it's worth, I hope the LOL meme dies a quick death in the near future. It's gotten horribly overused and needs to be taken to the glue factory. I fully expect a significant portion of email forward traffic in the next few years to contain these images, much like today's popularly forwarded items contain 10MB PowerPoint shows on "the joy of having friends" or dire "Elf Bowling" virus warnings.

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