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Just posted a new article outlining my experience as we tried to migrate our Navision ERP system from the native C/SIDE database to SQL Server 2000.  Go check it out.  It's worth it.

bane   (b n)

1)      Fatal injury or ruin: “Hath some fond lover tic'd thee to thy bane?” (George Herbert).


a)      A cause of harm, ruin, or death: “Obedience,/Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,/Makes slaves of men” (Percy Bysshe Shelley).

b)      A source of persistent annoyance or exasperation: “The spellings of foreign names are often the bane of busy copy editors” (Norm Goldstein).

3)      A deadly poison.

[Middle English, destroyer, from Old English bana. See gwhen- in Indo-European Roots.]


Just because I can...


posted on Thursday, May 26, 2005 10:59 PM