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The unfortunate passing of Christopher Reeve this week reminded me of a song by Laurie Anderson from back in 1980-81.  “O Superman“, from her album Big Science, is a stark piece written during Iran/Contra.  Laurie comments:

"I wrote O Superman during the Iran/Contra scandal," she said. "Americans have short memories. They don't realise that this is the same war that's been going on for 20 years."

It is based on “O Soverain” from the Massenet opera “Le Cid” and originally formed part of her four-hour, one person performance piece “United States I - IV.”  Laurie is actually credited with the invention of “Performance Art“.

The song's refrain “Here come the planes. They're American planes.  Made in America.”  resonate in this post 9/11 world.  From the 85th floor of the WTC, to a cave in Afganastan, to a bunker in Iraq, one imagines the same words being uttered with the same sense of impending doom.

I absolutely suggest that you check it out.

Just because I can...


posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2004 1:06 AM