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I'm having a fun week out here in Redmond. On Tuesday night, I was able to attend the East Side Weblog Meetup organized by Anita Rowland. It was a lot of fun to finally be a part of something that I've observed from afar.

One of the coolest things was sitting across from Robert Scoble and between Lora Heiny and Betsy Aoki. Three famous names of people who turned out to breathe oxygen, eat regular food and, well, be normal! I witnessed Robert discover the crack in the bottom of his Tablet PC and heard about some of Betsy's experiences early-on working at Microsoft.

I also got the demonstration of ActiveWords from Buzz Bruggerman that Robert always raves about. It's a pretty cool product - amazing how quickly Buzz jumps around windows using ActiveWords.

If you are ever out in Redmond and have a chance to attend one of the meet-ups, the people are very nice, approachable and inclusive. You'll have a great time!

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