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Ice Cream Choices in Japan
I'm leaving for Japan this week, but I think I'll be steering clear of the Ice Cream. I wouldn't want to run into any of the treats in this Photo Journal by Ryann Connell at the Mainichi Daily News. The selections include Raw Horseflesh Ice Cream, Shark Fin Noodle Ice Cream and Oyster Ice Cream.

Posted On Monday, August 23, 2004 9:16 PM

ASP.NET 1.1 Page Execution. Respect it.
There's probably been plenty written by this time on the execution lifecycle of ASP.NET v1.1 pages. However, I still run into a lot of issues and questions around what order events and methods get executed during the lifecycle of a request. Its essential to understand this order when debugging what can be complex bugs in Page and WebControl code. Here's a short exercise that will help you internalize whats happening during the creation and execution of a page. Do this without looking up the answer, ......

Posted On Friday, August 20, 2004 9:39 PM

XML to Nant is like PB&J to Bread
Ok, that's probably a terrible analogy, but XML is what makes Nant taste so good. Why? Not because it makes build files easy to understand or read, because it doesn't. In fact, its pretty messy to look at all those tags and angle brackets. If your not familiar with Nant, you can get familiar at this sourceforge site: XML makes Nant cool because of the power of the transform. Being able to easily generate Nant build files using Xslt has benefited me again and again. Because ......

Posted On Thursday, August 19, 2004 1:53 AM

ContextBoundObject and Orthogonal Design
Discovered ContextBoundObject a few weeks ago. Its been there in the framework all along but has remained elusive for me. I knew something like the ContextBoundObject was in the framework, since there was a lot of talk over Aspect Orient Programming just after .NET went live, but I just never made the connection. When you create an object that inherits from ContextBoundObject, you have the ability to define rules and properties that apply to calls that cross the context boundary created for that ......

Posted On Thursday, August 19, 2004 1:34 AM

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