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Seems like everyone is moving their blog these days, so here I am with a new home at I'm not planning on terminating my original blog at I'll continue to post about personal interests, family and Japan over there.

I hope I can make a positive contribution to this excellent community that Jeff Julian has set up here at What I like about this particular deployment of .Text is the freedom that Jeff gives to the content. 

My main technical interests are in .NET and architecture, but I like to tinker and learn about a lot of different technologies. I've kept up a healthy interest in Linux ever since college (first installed a 0.99 kernel as part of a slackware distribution, mainly to have an environment closer to the labs in my school work). I also like to discuss community and blogging from time to time, so Jeff's format turns out to be a good one for me. Thanks to Jeff for letting me have some space.

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