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June 2010 Entries

DotNetRocks Live Weekend

Just a reminder to tune in all weekend, here is the published schedule:


Twitter Hash Tag: #dnrlive

Saturday, June 26
Time Content
8am-9am Patrick Hynds
9am-10am Michele Leroux Bustamante
10am-11am Rob Howard
11am-12pm Stephen Toub
12pm-1pm Music, Comedy
1pm-2pm James Kovacs
2pm-3pm Don Demsak
3pm-4pm Daniel Egan
4pm-5pm Brian Randell
5pm-6pm Tim Huckaby
6pm-7pm Chris Sells
7pm-8pm Music, Comedy
8pm-9pm Daniel Simmons
9pm-10pm Brian Noyes
10pm-11pm Patrick Hynds (Repeat)
11pm-12am Michele Leroux Bustamante (Repeat)

Sunday, June 27
Time Content
12am-1am Rob Howard (Repeat)
1am-2am Stephen Toub (Repeat)
2am-3am James Kovacs (Repeat)
3am-4am Don Demsak (Repeat)
4am-5am Daniel Egan (Repeat)
5am-6am Brian Randell (Repeat)
6am-7am Tim Huckaby (Repeat)
7am-8am Chris Sells (Repeat)
8am-9am Carl and Richard
9am-10am Charles Petzold
10am-11am Sahil Malik
11am-12pm Mark Dunn
12pm-1pm Music, Comedy
1pm-2pm Andrew Brust
2pm-3pm Glenn Block
3pm-4pm Ethan Winer
4pm-5pm Mary Jo Foley
5pm-6pm Kent Alstad
6pm-7pm Keith Elder
7pm-8pm Music, Comedy
8pm-9pm Mark Miller
9pm-10pm John Bristowe
10pm-11pm Daniel Simmons (Repeat)
11pm-12am Brian Noyes (Repeat)

Monday, June 28
Time Content
12am-1am Carl and Richard (Repeat)
1am-2am Charles Petzold (Repeat)
2am-3am Sahil Malik (Repeat)
3am-4am Mark Dunn (Repeat)
4am-5am Andrew Brust (Repeat)
5am-6am Glenn Block (Repeat)
6am-7am Ethan Winer (Repeat)
7am-8am Mary Jo Foley (Repeat)
8am-9am Kent Alstad (Repeat)
9am-10am Jonathan Zuck
10am-11am Jeffrey Palermo
11am-12pm Steve Evans
12pm-1pm Music, Comedy
1pm-2pm Scott Stanfield
2pm-3pm Ted Neward
3pm-4pm Tim Heuer
4pm-5pm Miguel Castro
5pm-6pm Les Pinter
6pm-7pm Billy Hollis
7pm-8pm Music, Comedy
8pm-9pm Rocky Lhotka
9pm-9:30pm Shootin the Breeze with Richard
9:30pm-12am Solvo (Carl's Band) Live!

Tuesday, June 29
Time Content
12am-1am Keith Elder (Repeat)
1am-2am Mark Miller (Repeat)
2am-3am John Bristowe (Repeat)
3am-4am Jonathan Zuck (Repeat)
4am-5am Jeffrey Palermo (Repeat)
5am-6am Steve Evans (Repeat)
6am-7am Scott Stanfield (Repeat)
7am-8am Ted Neward (Repeat)
8am-9am Tim Heuer (Repeat)
9am-10am Miguel Castro (Repeat)
10am-11am Les Pinter (Repeat)
11am-12pm Billy Hollis (Repeat)
12pm-1pm Rocky Lhotka (Repeat)