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I was reading Werblog and saw these stats about Skype:

  • 13M+ users registered
  • 1M+ simultaneous users reached for the first time a couple of weeks ago
  • 2,384,686,217 minutes served, as I type this - i.e almost 2.4 billion minutes. Just to put things in perspective: Vonage has 170,000 customers and passed the billion minutes mark sometime in 2004
  • 295,000 users have signed for SkypeOut (Skype has a goal of 5% conversion from the free service to SkypeOut)

Skype has been my main IM for a few years now and I love it and wouldn't dream of switching to anything else. With the Skype API out now I am sure we will be seeing some great offerings of the Open Source Community in the coming months and years. The only thing I am wondering is where do people get the Voice Mail function for Skype and the only thing I can think of is SkypeOut has it.


Posted on Friday, November 19, 2004 7:51 AM Skype | Back to top

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