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IE 10 Win UI Version Won’t Support Flash*

Sunday, October 14, 2012 3:48 PM

Rabid Gremlin has a blog post up entitled: Did Microsoft just kill Flash? IE 10 won’t run Flash unless your site is on a Microsoft whitelist!

Apparently this is true…kind of.

There are 2 versions of IE 10 that ship with WIndows 8. One is the Windows UI version (in this article, I’m going to reference this as IE10Metro) and one is the desktop version. These are entirely different apps, different codebases.

IE10Metro will *not* serve up Flash content unless the website hosting the content has been whitelisted with Microsoft, as per this Microsoft document.

IE10 for the desktop will serve Flash content without any issues.

In a broader view, what this means is that web developers now need to consider another browser for testing their sites in – IE 10 Metro, in addition to IE 10 Desktop.



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